It’s no coincidence that the first point of call for any parents in the market for a babysitter is family. Outside of the cheap labour costs, family also represents people they know and trust. When it comes to business file sharing this approach might not be as productive but the same rules apply.

As data controller the buck stops with you regardless of whom you outsource your online storage and file sharing to. It’s still very much your baby and you are still responsible for knowing where it is, how it is secured and what rules and regulations apply to it.

Indeed it would probably be wise to avoid nepotism when it comes to entrusting your company’s data to a third party (unless of course he/she worked for Maytech), but you do want a cloud platform vendor that you can trust. A cloud vendor that you can be confident in will execute their duties to the highest standard and keep you on the right side of data protection laws and regulations.

This sort of confidence can only arise from an open and transparent relationship with your cloud service provider. Not only do you need to find a product that gives you enterprise-level controls, secure multiple protocol support and simple usability, but you also need to find a vendor that is very clear about their processes with regular auditing for security and compliance.

At Maytech, we understand the need for transparency when selecting a cloud file sharing vendor and that’s why we like to make a song and dance about our ISO 27001 security accreditation.

The accreditation requires us to implement a number of important security practices for information security management with ongoing assessments to make sure we stay on top of our game. So when we say security is the cornerstone of our business, not only do we mean it but we are also tested on it regularly!

This means our security procedures are better. And while it is easy for the many vendors out there to list secure transfer protocols they offer and wax lyrical about security, we have to actively create processes to ensure our controls meet ongoing information security needs.

Transfer of documents

In addition, we are very open about our high-speed global data network with hubs in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Sydney. You select the location you want your business files stored and we only store it at this location in compliance with EU, US and international privacy policies.

We never backup or replicate your data outside of your chosen data centre, nor do we keep enduring incremental backups. Where you have more than one site you can set up replication rules to mirror folders between regions, but you retain complete control over your data residency.

So all in all, your company, your partners, your suppliers, and your customers will have more confidence when using our products for secure data transfer.

But don’t just take our word for it, visit the Maytech website for a free trial of any of our business file sharing products by clicking here now.


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