Every great business that ever was, developed a strong brand.

At Maytech, we’re already known for our fast, reliable and secure data transfer service that customers can mould to their needs. People seem to like the fact that we set data free with no file size limits and access to hard to reach places such as China.

So now it’s time to put a label on what we do so well.

After days and weeks of brainstorming with our team of creative geniuses, hundreds of cups of coffee, late night pizza and countless ‘mood maps’, we struck gold – and #dataonboard came into being.

The strapline, designed in a bold yellow warning sign, reflects our attitude that information is highly prized, yet sensitive and needs to be handled with care – no more so than when it’s on the move.

Now we have the brand sorted it’s time to get it out there. Again the marketing elves have been at work: it’s on our business cards, across our homepage and we have a natty line of stickers that we like to lavish on our closest pals.

But why the hashtag? Well, as you might have guessed we’re promoting our new brand through Twitter. The idea is to begin collecting pictures of people clutching the #dataonboard sticker next to different modes of transport.

It’s not a competition, as such, but if someone gets anywhere near a space rocket then they will definitely win. Hovercrafts, Segways and Dell Boy-style Reliant Robins will also garner generous points.

So let’s get out there people and remember: we are a technology company that lives and breathes creativity. Any ideas that can help us progress the cause will be greeted with love and hugs. Now let’s get to work!

Data on Board