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Big data transfer

What’s the problem?

Many businesses don’t have the ability to acquire and distribute very large files. Whether databases, machine images, or multiple small files it can be tough to send and receive big data quickly and securely while still conforming to strict time windows.

Big Data Transfer

The Maytech Solution

FTP-Stream by Maytech is all about the easy sending of Big Data. We’re talking terabytes of rich high-definition media content, databases, disk images, social data and even huge log files – all sent securely to where they need to be on time.

We are one of the only players in the market to have no file size limits and completely unlimited data transfer. Although others talk about 'no file size limits' we really mean it. We’ve engineered our solution from the ground up to deliver on that promise. It’s why we talk about reengineering industries not transferring Power points!

Our global network of data centres has fast replication between hubs and you can monitor transfers centrally. We offer high speed unlimited data transfers with high speed and high security regardless of file size, distance or network conditions.

What are the benefits?

FTP-Stream offers fast local and international file transfer of any data size – allowing you and your organisation to meet even the tightest workflow deadlines when moving big data. Avoid shipping costs on hard drives and receive full tracking of package delivery. What’s more you can skip costs associated with designated MPLS networks.

How does this work?

Data is sent over Maytech’s ultra-fast and uncongested network with mirroring between global hubs providing users with fast local uploads and downloads. The site administrator has full control over folder mirroring and total visibility through extensive logging and tracking.

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