Quatrix China

Fast, Reliable, Secure File Sharing with Mainland China

Have you ever had to send business files to or from China? If so, there’s a good chance that you have already experienced the common problems of reliability and speed in navigating the “Great Firewall”.

Quatrix China offers the same enterprise-grade security and compliance features as Quatrix, but with a fast and reliable connection to and from China, allowing you to keep working fast and securely, without interruption.

Quatrix China File Transfer Solution

Quatrix China has the following key features:


  • Quick, uncongested global network, with links to mainland China
  • 1 GB file can be sent within minutes
  • Unlimited file sizes and data transfer
  • SFTP connection for continued transmission if your own network goes down
  • Scalable to facilitate unlimited users and storage


  • Private, secure, uncongested network
  • Secure data storage with continual access inside and outside of China
  • Service operating successfully since 2006
  • Purpose-built solution using highly resilient and redundant data centres
  • World-class customer support available for admins and end users 24x7


  • Centralised administration for user management
  • Readily available file access logs
  • 2-Factor authentication and PGP encryption for added security
  • Data secured with encryption at rest and in transit
  • ISO 27001 certified organisation

Our Products

Maytech provides professional, secure and easy-to-use file sharing for organisations around the globe. Our customers span over 60 industries and 35 countries, benefitting from centrally managed, compliant solutions with superior, 24/7 customer support. Please select from the products below to explore our services in more detail:


Secure cloud file sharing platform with centralised administration, easy-to-use interface, and SFTP access.

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Quatrix China

A secure and reliable way of sending large files to and from China, up to 40x faster.

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Quatrix Vault

PCI-DSS compliant for storing credit card or sensitive PII data in the cloud using tokenization for added security.

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Maytech works with companies in Finance, Pharma, Engineering, Media, Government, Telecoms, Logistics and many more industries to provide fast and secure data transfers to and from mainland China

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