Quatrix China

Want fast data transfer? Quatrix China is a SaaS service enabling you to rapidly and securely share large files with partners in China.

Quatrix China offers granular administrative controls and is compliant with global security and privacy standards.

Quatrix China features:

  • SFTP or Web access
  • Branding with corporate identity
  • Full activity logs and audit trail
  • Unique fast transfer to and from mainland China

Quatrix China is used by organisations worldwide for mission critical workflows including:

  • Large file transfer – Share huge files with mainland China. Your partners in China will experience fast and reliable uploads and downloads, even for huge files
  • Rapid delivery & acquisition to/ from China – Quatrix China is ideal for both sharing to your partners in China or acquiring data from suppliers
  • Flexible solutions – Quatrix China is a feature-rich product including a full API for integration with complex workflows and automated systems

Maytech only operate in the corporate space so we understand how important security and compliance are to you. It means everything we do is underpinned by this. We only use tier three data centres, and data is encrypted in transit with secure protocols and at rest using AES-256 bit encryption.


  • User provisioning and management including setting roles, permissions and folder visibility
  • A comprehensive file and folder management suite
  • Automated actions including notifications
  • Video, image and document previews
  • Logging, reporting and audit trail functions
  • Outlook integration

Desktop app coming soon

What are the benefits?

For End Users For IT
  • Simple drag and drop file sharing with China, including accelerated regional delivery
  • No file size limits
  • Branded with your organisation’s identity
  • Flexible security settings for file shares
  • Easy to use and adopt
  • Flexible transfer options — SFTP or the user-friendly web portal
  • Administrative hierarchy enables delegation of roles and granular access controls
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting ensure full visibility and accountability
  • Compliant with global security standards including HIPAA and PCI

We are used by companies spanning over 60 industries and 35 countries

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