It is notoriously difficult to share files internationally to and from mainland China.

When you run an event with tight deadlines, delays in sending files can cause major issues for organisers.

So sending files while running events in China presents a double challenge that Maytech has solved for a number of customers including the major international events organizations listed below.

International Basketball Federation

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup was hosted in China, and the organisers soon realised they would require a solution to transfer files to and from China for the smooth operation of the event.

Maytech stepped in to provide secure file transfer services to and from mainland China from around the globe, enabling the event to proceed uninterrupted and on schedule.

Cirque Du Soleil

When Global events company Cirque Du Soleil found that their Android App, which was linked to from event wristbands could not be downloaded from their native Canada, they urgently required a solution to enable customers to download files from within China. 

Maytech stepped in and helped by customising Quatrix China to allow for files to be easily uploaded and hosted securely, ready to be downloaded over a fast connection from anywhere in the world, including within China.

The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race (formerly known as the Volvo Ocean Race) is a global yachting race with stages in various locations around the World, including China.

When based in China, their support team required the means to send files to the rest of the world fast and reliably, which is why they engaged the services of Maytech to ensure smooth sailing for their international file sharing.

A Fast and Reliable Solution

We often hear from new customers who are amazed when they discover our China solution, having tried a number of different methods over the years and never found a product which delivers both fast and reliable file sharing.

Take a 14 day free trial of Quatrix China to see for yourself just how fast and reliably you can securely transfer data to and from China.