We’ve now completed our annual customer satisfaction survey and are able to share the feedback we have received from you, our customers.

Some highly positive feedback results

We received almost double the number of responses from last year, and while there is always more work to do in further developing our products and services, we are delighted to see that our team continues to provide a first class support service and our customers continue to recommend us:

Survey results

Some highly positive feedback results

We asked respondents to tell us whether they would recommend us. As in previous years, many of you would, or have already recommended us:

Survey results on recommendations

Some highly positive feedback results

We have received wide and varied feedback relating to different areas of our product, and will be communicating directly with customers where specific comments have been made to find out more and consider this feedback as we continue to evolve our product roadmap.

Suggestions included:

  • Increasing the number of locations for additional data residencies
  • Improving areas of the interface (we currently have significant ongoing projects in this area)
  • Greater customisation of emails (we have just released a new feature for this)

We look forward to updating you on product developments as we roll them out. As always, any further comments are welcome.

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