Maytech is compliant with the CCPA legislation which came into effect on the 1st January 2020. Our privacy statement can be found here.

Following the introduction of the GDPR in Europe, the CCPA is widely believed to be a precursor to further US privacy legislation in other US states. This would lead to a fragmented regulatory environment which would bring pressure for Congress to pass consistent privacy laws for the entire country.

Whether this happens or not, the public is becoming ever more acutely aware of privacy issues, so organisations that proactively protect and champion privacy will have better legal protection and a stronger public image.

California’s attorney general has stated that they are still working out the finer details, and at time of writing, will not start enforcing CCPA until July 2020. As it evolves, Maytech will continue to take appropriate steps to maintain compliance with the CCPA.

In addition, Maytech’s existing commitment to ongoing global security and compliance means we are ISO 27001 certified and audited twice a year by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, a leading global provider of accredited certification services.

Please contact us on if you would like a copy of our latest security and compliance statement.