All of our development is handled in-house. Our tech team is proud of their work, and loves nothing more than a challenge.

So when a customer requests a new feature that will provide universal benefit, history shows that we endeavour to build it for them.

Feedback from a recent case study highlights how this works in practice:

“We were impressed with Maytech’s credentials and the responses from their technical team. We had a call to discuss the features we required – by the time the call had ended, we had already been provided with details of the proposed solution.

Every time we asked for a product customisation or addon to meet our requirements we were conscious of being presented with a large development quote, which never came. Maytech proved that they wanted to establish a long term relationship, explaining that they would improve the platform by rolling out the new features we discussed for the benefit of all customers.”

Security Consultant, Global Fashion House

John Lynch, CEO, added:

“We consistently outperform competitors for product agility. Once prospective customers start talking to us, they see how we can help them, how responsive we are to their needs, and it makes the decision to work together easy. If a requested feature is likely to have universal appeal for existing and prospective customers, we’ll accommodate it as part of our ongoing development roadmaps.”

Are you an existing or prospective customer with a feature you would like to see implemented in our product? Please get in touch with one of our team and we will be happy to discuss.


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