Maintaining third party risk management and compliance has become ever more challenging as Banking and Finance organisations have seen the complexity of products and number of suppliers increase exponentially.

Organisations are not only required to implement compliant solutions, but also prove compliance to regulators, internal compliance and governance controls. 

Maintaining and completing security and compliance questionnaires costs time on both the supply and buy side of a transaction, which can introduce delays and inefficiencies to the process of delivering or upgrading IT systems involving third parties.

FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) exists to streamline this process of proving compliance for third party suppliers, such as Maytech.

Maytech’s certification means that any FSQS member organisation can be assured that our services meet with their regulatory obligations, delivering ready-made proof of compliance for internal and external regulatory oversight.

In addition, Maytech’s existing commitment to ongoing global security and compliance means we are ISO 27001 certified and audited twice a year by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, a leading global provider of accredited certification services.

We also maintain compliance with the latest PCI-DSS standards for credit card processing.

Please contact us on if you would like a copy of our latest security and compliance statement.

To find out more about FSQS please visit the Hellios FSQS website