Security. For entrepreneurs and IT managers in large organisations, there’s nothing more important.

Maytech offers a number of features that ensure that your data is completely safe when it’s being shared over the cloud by employees and third parties.

A grounding in physical security

All cloud storage solutions must be powered and stored somewhere. Maytech’s commitment to the leading levels of security means that its servers are located in specialist Tier 3 data centres.

Being Tier 3, Maytech’s data centres contain leading physical and electrical security systems, as well as state of the art power and cooling sources to protect infrastructure and minimise risk. These networks are also protected by state of the art stateful packet inspection firewalls.

Complete control

FTP-Stream by Maytech allows managers to enjoy detailed control on who can see and download specific files. What’s more, access to specific information can be revoked at all times.

Of course, strong passwords are a crucial aspect of cloud security. The Extended Authentication module from Maytech means that customers can create a password policy that suits their organisation, whether that’s:

  • Preventing users from changing passwords
  • Compelling users to change their passwords on the first login
  • Compelling users to change their passwords periodically
  • Ensuring users create strong passwords

You can also use automations and notifications to maintain control of sharing in your organisation. As soon as a specific file is sent, you’ll know about it – while automatic deleting controls can also be set up to maintain security.

End to end encryption

When you’re sending information across the world, you need leading levels of encryption to keep your data safe at all times.

With an optional encryption module, Maytech’s secure data transfer product Quatrix® allows data to be sent encrypted via SFTP, HTTPS or FTPS. And any traffic sent via push is encrypted using SFTP. When it’s at rest, all of your data is kept safe using AES encryption – the same method used by the NSA to protect its highly-sensitive government information.

What’s more, Quatrix from Maytech uses PGP or HTTPS encryption to protect its data – ensuring that only intended recipients will be able to view and understand the information.

So whether your data is on the move across the world or waiting in the cloud, there’s no way that anyone untoward will be able to see it.

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Protecting against mishaps and worse

Loss of data can happen both as a result of human error and after malicious attacks. Therefore, your organisation needs a file sharing platform that’s:

  • Easy to use encouraging users to share safely and not transfer data over unsafe consumer networks
  • Robust – so that intruders aren’t able to get in. With a variety of threat detection systems, Maytech is able to block IPs that attempt DoS hacks and attacks using MySQL or IIS.

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