When buying a secure cloud file transfer platform there are hundreds of considerations which will impact the security of your data. This article highlights the top 11 considerations for your business. Most apply across all industries but there are a couple that are more relevant to certain sectors.

#1 Advanced end-to-end encryption

You’ll need end-to-end encryption as standard. Data should be encrypted in transit using HTTPS, SFTP or FTPS and at rest using AES-256 bit encryption. Depending on your needs you may need PGP encryption which is the highest level of encryption coverage. Learn More

#2 Multi-Protocols for sending files

Ensure you have one secure file sharing platform that suits all your users requirements. This includes (S)FTP, FTPS and HTTPS protocols. Learn More

#3 Secure Passwords

Ensure your IT administrator has the ability to enforce secure password requirements for all users. This can be as simple as ensuring a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

#4 Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication also known as 2FA is an enhanced security feature and requires additional information to your user name and password such as a security token or SMS code. Learn More

#5 Central Administration

Central Administration that is managed by IT ensures that IT departments have complete control over file sharing in their organisations. Learn More

#6 Backups and Redundancy

You need to identify where the backups of your data will be stored and ensure your suppler doesn’t keep persistent backups of your data and they never replicate data outside of your chosen data centre. Learn More

#7 Data Residency and Data Protection

Data residency or data sovereignty as it is sometimes referred to as is a very important consideration for any business. You need to retain complete control over your data and should know exactly where it is stored. The data protection act in the country it’s stored in will preside. Learn More

#8 PCI CSS Compliant Workflows

Depending on your requirements you may need a PCI Compliant workflow. This enables you to outsource the collection, transmission and storage of credit card data. On top of this you’ll need to use secure PCI Compliant transfer protocols such as SFTP and HTTPs and send data that’s AES-256 bit encrypted. Learn More

#9 HIPAA Compliance

Specifically relating to the US Healthcare sector, but some companies will need their secure file sharing workflows to be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Learn More

#10 PAN Government Accreditation & GCloud

This is one for the UK Government Sector. PAN Government Accreditation takes the GCloud Self-Assessment to that extra level. Learn More

#11 ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 certification should be a critical requirement for your secure file transfer provider. This certification assesses an organisations internal information security management systems and assess your providers attitude to security. Learn More

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