Maytech, a global leader in secure file sharing for businesses since 2006, proudly announces integration with Microsoft Office 365, thus extending the Quatrix® product offer into the new area of Enterprise Online Collaboration.

Adding Microsoft Office 365 integration, a feature high in demand with customers, adds a new dimension to Quatrix by combining online team collaboration with higher than average levels of security via SFTP / HTTPS protocol, with PGP encryption, 2-factor authentication, Antivirus scanning, Encryption at rest, and PIN code file access.

The new solution combining file sharing with online team collaboration functionality will be ideal for enterprises or SMEs operating across the globe as it ensures:

  • Fast and easy cooperation with all offices, regardless of their location. For example, a 1GB file can be sent across the world within minutes and then co-edited by all global offices with instant file synchronisation.  
  • Compliance with all key regulatory standards applied to different continents and across different industries, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and governmental approvals.

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More details are also available on the Microsoft Office 365 integration doc page.

Maytech’s products are trusted by companies spanning over 60 industries and 35 countries, including such industry leaders as Honda, Xerox, Chanel, Philips Pathology, and many others. We are fully committed to providing businesses with secure and compliant file sharing, while at the same time continuously improving customer experience and growing the list of productivity features available to our users.

The forthcoming additional features, functionalities and applications include:

  • Quatrix Express – a desktop application for instant sharing of files from your PC
  • Mulesoft integration
  • iOS and Android Quatrix applications for smartphones

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