Customers are able to self-serve our SaaS products through our simple, easy to use interfaces. However, we also find that some customer require more support and specialist expertise for file transfer projects.

To cater for this, we’ve launched our new specialist Managed File Transfer (MFT) consultancy, providing the following services to customers who require it:

  • MFT Migration – Let us plan and implement a migration from a homegrown or legacy system to our Quatrix cloud platform.
  • File Transfer Consultancy – We live and breathe file transfer, however complex your requirements we’ve likely seen it before and can advise on the best solutions.
  • Custom Development – Work with us to develop bespoke features – not found in “off the shelf” software
  • Outsourced Administration – Let us manage all admin tasks for you – so you can go completely hands-off and direct user support to us.

Chtis Thacker

Maytech has developed a modern cloud platform to rival many of the larger, legacy players in the market, supported by a fantastic team of file transfer and MFT professionals. Maytech is trusted by 500,000+ users at companies across the globe who report exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction with Maytech products and services.

– Chris Thacker, Global Customer Success Director, Maytech

How we already help customers

  • ARZO – Implemented a cost-effective, no-code solution for automated daily data acquisition of sensitive voice data from customer call centres. Case study
  • Global Fashion House – Provided secure external user to user file sharing Globally. Case study
  • Global Asset Manager – Provided a safe data acquisition pipeline for receiving large files from external third parties for financial analysis. Case study
  • Central Government MFT – Quatrix has recently been chosen to replace a home-grown scripted solution for one of the largest UK government departments. Read more.

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If you’re interested in discussing our new services, we’re currently offering a  free initial consultation with a senior, experienced colleague.

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