Maytech has highlighted their commitment to data security in the government sector by being awarded PAN Government Accreditation in April 2015 for their secure data transfer products. This covers UK Government data that is OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE connected over the internet. It will provide confidence to purchasers and SiROs around the security of Maytech’s dedicated service for the secure file sharing of data with third parties outside of government networks.

Having a CESG accreditation reduces the buyers risk as their concerns and questions have already been analysed and approved – by an independently assessed audit. This is highlighted by Business Cloud News (2014) who suggest the new G-Cloud self-certification process has the potential to be less trust worthy and could have higher repercussions on the IT Security Team.

Maytech’s CEO John Lynch said: “Achieving OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE PAN Government Accreditation is significant for Maytech’s Public Sector offer. PGA makes our secure file sharing services even more accessible and will give public sector organisations added confidence by providing a dedicated service.”

Maytech’s service benefits Government Departments and Public Sector Organisations with the latest available secure file sharing solutions without committing to long-term contacts or seven-figure expenditures. This opens up potential cost savings alongside flexibility and scalability introduced in G-Cloud 6.

Gartner (2014) make several recommendations to UK public sector CIO’s on the back of the compulsory self-certification:

  • If you are considering making a CloudStore purchase, and seek an accredited solution, make that purchase within the next 12 months from an already accredited supplier.
  • Review and determine which of the Cloud Security Principles are appropriate to your service and to what level you will seek assurances from suppliers.
  • Ensure that your organisation is aware of the changes in the Government Security Classifications; in particular, ensure the majority are trained to work with OFFICIAL information.

This service accreditation complements Maytech’s ISO 27001 certification.

Maytech provide access to IT cloud services through the following agreements:

–          GCloud / Digital Marketplace

–          Direct (through one of our dedicated Government team)

Or you can speak to one of our government experts today on 01892 861 222.