A Global Fashion House approached Maytech as part of a vendor selection process for secure external file sharing.

In-house, they used Microsoft OneDrive. This provided a secure environment within the corporate network for everyday file sharing, but when it came to sharing highly sensitive information with suppliers, it proved difficult to maintain reliable communication and strict data security.

Implementing Maytech’s Quatrix to sit on the edge of the corporate firewall streamlined processes and reduced the risk of costly data breaches.

Data is ingested fast, no matter where in the world it is sent from and can be accessed equally fast by whoever has permission to access it. Meanwhile, all interactions are logged providing an administrative audit trail detailing who has access to data.

Read our case study below to find out more and see why they called us:

 “… the best supplier we have ever had.”

All thanks to how we could quickly understand their challenge and provide a solution to their specific requirements for improving data security, while providing expert support throughout the whole process of specification, procurement and deployment.

Fashion Case Study

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