Supporting a mobile workforce and working with third parties

With large parts of the global workforce working from home due to COVID-19, IT teams have had to find ways to support a newly remote workforce while continuing to maintain strong data security.

To support these organisations, Maytech offers Quatrix, an enterprise grade, turnkey solution which enables individuals or teams to collaborate directly in the cloud as well as to send, receive and store data securely when working remotely with colleagues and third parties. 

How Quatrix provides data security for remote workers

Quatrix supports multiple file sharing use cases, including SFTP, online web access and PGP encryption, however the key features for remote working are:

  • Rapid user adoption 
    • It’s easy to use and fast, accessible securely via any modern web browser, allowing users to start sharing instantly, backed up with world-class support and user-friendly online documentation. See our video guide of how simple it is to share files below:

  • IP restrictions
    • You can whitelist your employees’ IP addresses to ensure data is only accessed by trusted individuals and from a trusted network.
  • Collaboration
    • Project Folders: Enable you to work in a secure virtual data room with members of your team and external partners.
    • Office365: Users can collaborate securely, directly in the browser using our Office 365 integration:

      Office 365 integration

  • Centralised control
    • To manage insecure or non-compliant devices and connections, Quatrix offers strong security features to ensure IT has proper control: granular access permissions, SSO authentication, extensive audit trail, user types, anti-virus scanning and 2 Factor Authentication. A full list of features can be found here.
  • Antivirus
    • Files are pro-actively scanned to prevent any undesirable programmes getting inside the corporate network.

As Quatrix also allows your files to be accessed via SFTP or API, it can be integrated into existing systems or internal storage solutions to provide added applications security outside the corporate firewall.

To find out more about Quatrix, contact our product experts or take a free 14-day trial to see for yourself.