Following our recent Mulesoft integration, Maytech now integrates with Zapier, the integration platform with 1.8m users connecting their apps and automating their workflows.

Zapier integrates with 2000+ apps including Microsoft 365’s Office Suite, PowerBI, Okta, Amazon S3, and now Quatrix and takes only a few quick steps to configure, saving time and providing the flexibility required to adjust to ever changing requirements.

The level of security Zapier offers is as you would expect from an Enterprise application, matching our own commitment to the highest levels of security.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier requires authentication to work with Quatrix. Once set up, you simply select the actions you wish to perform by configuring the “triggers” and “actions” provided in the user-friendly interface.

Quatrix triggers can perform an action when a file is received. Zapier can either move a file to a new folder, share it, or create a download link for use in other applications, all with predefined security options.

Interested in using Quatrix with Zapier?

If you use Zapier, and want to discuss specific features or functionality, let us know, as we’re always looking to expand our integration capabilities. 

For a full set of features available in our product API, please see our Quatrix API Integration and Developer Guide.


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