As part of the increasing Quatrix collaboration feature set, File Tagging and Comments are now available in Quatrix. 

Tags enable users to describe information on a document and provide details about the file or folder. They make it easy to categorise information as well as search for items with the same tags. Tags are simple to manage and edit. 

Comments permit users to add and edit remarks related to individual files or folders and are useful when multiple users are collaborating on the same topic. 

These handy features make it simpler for users to categorise and communicate on their content in Quarix. 

A collapsible left hand menu has also been introduced to create more space for file information. 

Tags & comments

What’s Next?

Our team is busy working on more collaboration features and integrations planned for release before the end of the year. Some of these include integrations with Open Office so users can edit files in Quatrix without the need for a M365 license and M365 Power Automate, to enable admins to leverage actions and triggers to enhance their file sharing workflows. 

Contact us to take a free trial, request a demo or support you with getting set up.