April 2018

What are the UK Government’s Cloud Security Principles?

In 2015, 50% of all new Government IT spending will be on the cloud. And when it comes to cloud security, there’s a lot that businesses and IT departments could learn from the Government. After all, it will deal with… Continue Reading →

PCI: Essential Security or Just Ticking a Box?

When representatives from some of the world’s leading financial organisations joined together nearly ten years ago to form the PCI-DSS, it was a big step forward for online security. It was the first time that the world’s biggest names had… Continue Reading →

How Does Data Protection Differ Between China and The West?

A history of data protection in China Data protection in China has notoriously lagged well behind its economic rivals in the West. Before 2008, the state announced a range of administrative restrictions around data protection – but in truth, these… Continue Reading →

PCI DSS 3.0: Did Encryption Go Far Enough?

In January 2015, PCI DSS 3.0 was brought into effect in order to help bring about vital changes but many sources argue that it didn’t take encryption far enough. Is this true? Maytech takes a look at what changes 3.0… Continue Reading →

How Speed Makes Maytech a Trusted China File Sharing Partner

If your organisation works in and with China, you’ll know that organisations can face a number of different problems – many of which we discussed in this blog. (Free to use – no attribution required) But there’s no doubt that… Continue Reading →

Drinking to the Future with a Beer and Big Data

Almost every industry can benefit from big data analytics, even those that you may not expect. The beer brand Heineken is using data in innovative ways that allows them to advertise their products more efficiently – and ultimately sell more… Continue Reading →

Top 11 Security Considerations For File Sharing

When buying a secure cloud file transfer platform there are hundreds of considerations which will impact the security of your data. This article highlights the top 11 considerations for your business. Most apply across all industries but there are a… Continue Reading →

How Maytech Makes Data Sharing More Secure

Security. For entrepreneurs and IT managers in large organisations, there’s nothing more important. Maytech offers a number of features that ensure that your data is completely safe when it’s being shared over the cloud by employees and third parties.

EU and US on Collision Course Over Data Privacy

The European Union is collating a new data privacy regime that could change the business landscape in Europe – particularly for US companies. After the Snowden disclosures revealed the extent to which American companies collected the personal data of customers,… Continue Reading →

PAN Government Accredited File Sharing

Maytech has highlighted their commitment to data security in the government sector by being awarded PAN Government Accreditation in April 2015 for their secure data transfer products. This covers UK Government data that is OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE connected over the… Continue Reading →

What Are the Three File Sharing Options for UK Government?

What are the three primary types of file sharing? And which is best for your central or local authority? #1 – Off the shelf file sharing In 2000, businesses spent twice as much on technology than consumers. By 2008, the… Continue Reading →

Maytech Launches Its US West Coast Data Centre

At Maytech we’re always striving to provide you with globally fast file transfers. That’s why we have multiple global hubs – to ensure you’re file sharing is fast – from anywhere. On signup, customers select a service hub and data… Continue Reading →

The Most Deadly Fears of the 21st Century IT Manager

Here at Maytech, we know that IT professionals are real people too. We know that you have fears just like everyone else. You may be no longer scared of The Bogeyman, but managing your organisation’s IT solutions provides a headache… Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Email Security Breaches

Today IT departments have to be highly reactive. There are numerous hacktivists out there looking for new ways to make money. One of the most common scams is spam email addresses. Back in 2009 and 2012 two Vietnamese men are… Continue Reading →

What is the Great Cannon of China? How Does it Affect You?

For years China has utilised The Great Firewall of China, its state of the art censorship tool, to prevent the free sharing of information across the country. Read more: 5 Problems with Sharing Data in China Now, security authorities in the… Continue Reading →